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Aerofin offer visual reports.

POSTED 12.08.14

Aerofin Laboratories are pleased to offer photographic support incorporated within test reports such as (but not limited to) salt spray and optical microscopy e.g. intergranular attack, end grain pitting and micro-section thickness.

During salt spray testing it is possible for the appearance of the test piece to change significantly due to the corrosive nature of the test. By establishing pre and post test visual evidence it is possible to document how a result has been deduced. Visual records are becoming increasingly important when test pieces exhibit evidence of corrosion providing a permanent record of what is a time constrained assessment

Aerofin supply test pieces.

POSTED 17.07.14

Aerofin Laboratories offer a wide range of testing including process solution analysis and corrosion resistance testing  i.e. salt spray testing in accordance with ASTM B117 & ISO 9227.

We are also pleased to offer certified test panels. Test panels available include but not limited to the following:

  • Various salt spray testing panels including 10”x3”x0.032” aluminium 2024, 6061 & 7075.
  • Inter-granular attack and end grain pitting in aluminium & titanium alloys.
  • Test bars for hydrogen embrittlement in accordance with ASTM F519 i.e. 1A1 test bars.

For a full list of all available testing & test pieces or any enquiry

Aerofin offer more.

POSTED 1.07.14

Here at Aerofin we offer a wide range of services. From traditional wet chemistry including trace metals and contaminations, metallurgical testing, optical microscopy, coating evaluation and corrosion resistance including salt spray testing (neutral fog testing ASTM B117). Ensuring quality at every stage whilst maintaining a competitive pricing structure. For any enquiries email or call 01278 785131.

Aerofin to attend Nadcap conference in Dublin. New Salt Spray testing capacity.

POSTED 12.06.14

Aerofin will be in attendance at the forthcoming Nadcap conference to be held in Dublin, Ireland on the 23rd – 27th of June. We look forward to meeting you there.

Aerofin has significantly increased capacity to perform salt spray testing in recent weeks. Here at Aerofin we aim to offer the best available customer service at the most competitive prices. For a competitive quote call 01278 785131 or email

Aerofin look to the future with UKAS accreditation.

POSTED 5.06.14

Aerofin are aiming to gain the internationally recognised UKAS accreditation before the end of 2014 and by doing so we look to further re- enforce  our commitment to testing of the highest quality, along with excellent service.

Aerofin are looking to cover a variety of testing with UKAS accreditation including Salt spray testing, atomic absorption and ion chromatography.

We have just taken delivery of a new salt spray cabinet to add to our ever increasing capability in corrosion resistance testing. The new cabinet increases both size of part as well as volume of test panels that we can test.