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Thickness Testing

Aerofin Laboratories can conduct coating thickness testing to ensure that the required depth of coating is evident to perform it’s function in service. Coating thickness measurements may be performed non destructively using an Eddy current meter. Alternatively a specimen can be cross sectioned and mounted permitting microscopic assessment.

Test Methods include:

  • ASTM D 1186
  • ISO 2178
  • ISO 2808

Aerofin Laboratories can offer photographic support incorporated within laboratory reports for micro-section thickness.

ISO 2631

Micro section of multi coat paint system

Photographic reports can be provided for optical microscopy methods such as micro-section thickness where accurate scales and measurements can be added to enhance the micro-graphs.


ISO 2808

Micro section of copper coated pipe


The software can be used to measure any visible elements within a micro-graph. for Example, indent depth, scratch depth, pitting, heat affected zone and alpha case.

Aerofin Laboratories can evaluate process suitability
and effectiveness for your chosen application.