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Fluid Resistance, Porosity & Seal Quality

Fluid Resistance Testing

Aerofin Laboratories can conduct fluid resistance tests to assess a surface’s ability to resist attack or deformation from fluids it may encounter in service. Examples of fluid resistance testing conducted by Aerofin include water at ambient temperatures, water fog & Skydrol Aviation hydraulic fluid at elevated temperatures. Fluid resistance testing can be conducted as a stand alone test with after exposure analysis for blisters, cracks, swelling, peeling & other morphologies. Alternatively as a pre-conditioning phase prior to further testing such as paint adhesion, scratch hardness, colour & gloss analyis.

Test Methods Include:

ISO 2812-1

ISO 2812-2

ISO 2812-3

ISO 4586-2

ASTM D1735



Porosity Testing.

Aerofin Laboratories can conduct porosity testing to ensure that a coating is continuous, unbroken and does not permit access of aggressive agents to the substrate.

Seal Quality.

Seal quality testing is the validation that anodised aluminium has been hydrated and a full barrier has been produced. The most common test for water sealed parts is the dye test.

Aerofin Laboratories can conduct seal quality tests to assess the sealing effectiveness. Where no subsequent treatment is applied,  seal quality is critical to the function in service.

Aerofin Laboratories can evaluate process suitability
and effectiveness for your chosen application.