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Paints Testing Laboratory


Aerofin Laboratories can conduct qualitative & quantitative tests for evaluating the adhesion of paints & varnishes on various substrates. Methods include: Pull off testing, Bend, Burnishing, Chisel-Knife, File, Grind-Saw, Heat-Quench, Impact, Peel and Scribe-Grid-Tape testing.

Many adhesion methods require conditioning or exposure to a specific environment prior to test. Aerofin Laboratories have the facilities to subject test pieces to humidity, Temperature, immersion and corrosion salt spray to name a few.

Test Methods include:

  • ASTM B 571
  • ASTM D 3359
  • ASTM D 2794
  • ISO 2409
  • Federal Test Method 6301.3
  • BSS 7225
  • ISO 4624

Impact Testing


Aerofin Laboratories can conduct quantitative tests for evaluating the hardness & scratch resistance of paints & varnishes on various substrates.

Pencil Hardness Testing:

A method of determining hardness of a single coating or paint system. Testing is conducted by pushing pencils of known hardness over a coatings surface at a constant angle and with a known force and assessing its resistance to marking or deformation.

Test Methods Include:

BS EN ISO 15184

Pencil Hardness

Scratch Testing:

A test method for determining the resistance of a single coating or paint system to penetration by scratching with a  stylus loaded with a specified load.

Results can be obtained for either:

  • Pre-determined hardness value for which a Pass/fail is given at a specified load.
  • Determination of scratch hardness. Where the coating is tested to failure and a quantitative value reported.

Test Methods Include:

BS EN ISO 1518-1

ISO 4586-2

Scratch Hardness

Colour & Gloss testing.

Aerofin Laboratories can conduct Gloss and Colour tests for your business. Through instrumental gloss value determination, colour light booth comparison and instrumental determination of colour difference.

Test Methods Include:

ISO 2813


AITM 2-0027

Aerofin Laboratories can evaluate process suitability
and effectiveness for your chosen application.