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Pencil/ Scratch Hardness testing

Aerofin Laboratories can conduct quantitative tests for evaluating the hardness & scratch resistance of organic and inorganic coatings on various substrates.

Pencil Hardness Testing:

A method of determining hardness of a single coating or paint system. Testing is conducted by pushing pencils of known hardness over a coatings surface at a constant angle and with a known force and assessing its resistance to marking or deformation.

Test Methods Include:

BS EN ISO 15184pencil hardness


Scratch Testing:

A test method for determining the resistance of a single coating or paint system to penetration by scratching with a  stylus loaded with a specified load.

Results can be obtained for either:

  • Pre-determined hardness value for which a Pass/fail is given at a specified load.
  • Determination of scratch hardness. Where the coating is tested to failure and a quantitative value reported.

Test Methods Include:

BS EN ISO 1518-1

ISO 4586-2

Aerofin Laboratories can evaluate process suitability
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